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Here we are! ...but why?

Trailrecord is meant to be a platform to share and spread everything that belongs to BMX trail riding. Whenever there is a Jam happening somewhere, a new video that popped up in the interwebs, new products see the light of day, we want to make sure you get these news easy and quick.

By any means, we are far away from beeing the kings of the internet or having any clue what is going on in those funny little machines on our desks. But thanks to the possibilities nowadays we have the chance to take part in this world even though we have no detailed clue about codes or other complex programming. To be honest we actually prefer to spend our time outside with handlebars or shovels in our hands. Still we think there is something like a need for a platform like this, spreading news, getting people together, or just to provide the videostoke for your next day at the trails.

record noun /ˈrek.ɔːd/ a piece of information or a description of an event that is written on paper or stored on acomputer

At this point we would like to mention Jon Saunders and Thad Allender from to whom belong all the appreciation for this idea. Sadly, and for undetermined reasons, they are not continuing the cydibmx-website. We do not want to go in any kind of competition with them or want to create any negative feelings. More do we feel like there is the need to keep this idea going, even though it is run by different people, on different continents. Starting with the best who ever touched a bmx bike, Mike Aitken. Filmed and edited by the legend Stew Johnson. Thanks guys for inspire so many! Stay Trailsy! Alessandro

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